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2000 Maribor, Slovenija

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Photovoltaic Micro Inverter
2011 → 2016
Development and industrialisation of Photovoltaic micro inverter.
Family of Sensorless Motor Controllers for PMSM
2011 → 2016
Development of family of sensorless motor controllers for PMSM for FAN applications (1 kW - 6,5 kW)
Electric Machine with Integrated Electronics
2015 → 2016
Electric Machine for PHEV
2013 → 2014
Development of Electric Machine for PHEV.
HV Inverter
2013 → 2014
Development of high power density cooling system for electronics and implementation of motor control for IPM motor.
Control Board for Induction Machine
2009 → 2010
Development of the control board with digital signal controller TMS320F280X for motor controller with a Semikron power modul and design and implementation of motor control for induction machine with incremental encoder and sensorless.
ECU for HV Belt Alternator Starter
2008 → 2010
Development of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for the Stop&Start BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) system for hybrid vehicle. ECU has a function of starting the internal combustion engine and controlling the generator mode.
High Power Density Alternator
Development of high power density alternator.
HVAC Blower Optimization
2015 → 2016
Optimization of Non-refrigerated Centrifuge
2015 → 2016
LV 3ph Inverter for Cordless Power Tool
2014 → 2015
Development of low voltage three phase inverter for cordless power tool.
Optimization of Welding Transformer
Cooling and CFD optimization of welding transformer.
2009 → 2010
MESIA (Mobile Electric Energy Supply with Integration of Alternative Energy Sources) enables usage of different energy sources from electric generator, power grid, battery, to different alternative energy sources, such as wind and water (turbines), sun (solar cells) and hydrogen (fuel cells) simultaneously for achieving autonomous operation of consumers.
Isolated DC/DC Converter and Modul for PV system
2008 → 2009
Development of isolated DC/DC converter for photovoltaic panel and master module of the PV system.
Sensorless Motor Controller for PMSM
2008 → 2009
Development and prototype design of sensorless motor controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor 1,6 kW.
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