Competence Center for Human Resources Development in the Electrical Industry (KOC EEI 4.0) Convinced with the Workprograme and is Selected for Financing

TECES became the holder of a partnership for the development of human resources in the electrical industry 4.0. We were successful in a public tender for co-financing the establishment and operation of Centers of competence for the development of human resources in the period from 2017 to 2018. TECES follows its mission and continiously performs the role of initiator and integrator for strengthening the R&D cooperation and development of competencies.

The partnership joined in KOC EEI 4.0 has chosen the challenge of present reality, as a result of the fact that technology and devices are becoming "smart" and "inter-operable," equipped with senzors and connected to the all inclusive communication network of Internet of Things. They are able to communicate with each other, you communicate stocks, orders, special events, etc. and all this is recorded, collected, analyzed, stored in the cloud and shared with others via the Internet and other connections.

Constantly accelerating, dynamic and system-branched process of digital transformation, brings to industrial partners the changing demands in terms of specific skills in key industry jobs, that all employees will have to cope with in the near future, if we like the entire Slovenian society to be competitive. Thus, large employers, as small and medium-sized enterprises are subject to change, which digital transformation is bringing in the management and monitoring of processes, products and employees with significantly different competencies needed to perform the work.

The Work Program addresses five key sector-specific profiles from the manufacture of electrical equipment involved throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. These profiles are 1 Production worker 2 Developer expert 3 Sales expert 4 Product Manager, 5 Head (Section-liner)

Included trade partners which contribute their employees time, experience and knowledge to the coordination of sectoral competence profiles (5) are; BSH Home Appliances Ltd. Nazarje, DOMEL, d.d., ETI Elektroelement d.d., Gorenje d.d., Iskra d.d., KOLEKTOR Sikom d.o.o., KOLEKTOR KFH d.o.o., KOLEKTOR Ascom d.o.o., KOLEKTOR Micro-Motor d.o.o., BARTEC VARNOST d.o.o., ELPRO Križnič d.o.o., ELVEZ d.o.o., STRIP'S d.o.o., TEM Čatež, d.o.o., Piktronik d.o.o., ELPRO Lepenik d.o.o..

Partners leading the Project Office Competence Center are; TECES and the Foundation for the improvement of employment opportunities PRIZMA, and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, the Association for the electronic and electrical industry (GZS ZEE)

The aim of the project is the establishment and operation of the competence center for the development of human resources in the electrical industry 4.0. Within the framework of which the raiseed capacity of key posts which occupy 5 compliant profiles of industry throughout the entire lifecycle of a product is included. At the level of training exercises at least 1,465 employees is anticipated. This will enable training and education courses to acquire new competencies required for the employees of the partnership.

KOC web logoti partnerji

External stakeholders and the general public interested in further information may contact the project office KOC EEI 4.0 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and from the EU and the European Social Fund.

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