The implementation of the Competence Center for Human Resources Development in the Electrical Industry (KOC EEI 4.0) was a turning point in the cooperation of partners under the auspices of TECES. For the first time, we actively engaged in the human resources development of the electro and electronic devices industry, which we previously supported only through the implementation of technological projects. The experience gained from the management of research and development projects gave us a useful insight for the preparation of the KOC EEI 4.0 work programme.

TECES is proud of its role in the implementation of KOC EEI 4.0, which trained 5 key industry profiles involved in the entire product life cycle: production worker, development expert, sales expert, product manager, head (department-line).

KOC EEI4.0 in the total value of 568.000 € was implemented from 2017 to 2018 with the financial support of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, the Public Scholarship, Development and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Social Fund.

The successfully completed pilot demonstration project "Integrated Energy Management Demonstration (DEUP)" is an example of the good practice of successful cooperation of 9 Slovenian public and private companies.

The complementary partners' knowledge has enabled the development of competitive and advanced integrated energy management services. The project aim was to develop solutions for the electricity flexibility market, the efficient monitoring and management of energy consumption in both industry and the water management infrastructure (utilities). Demonstration and testing of solutions confirmed that the introduction of energy management systems is not only technologically interesting but also economically justified.

TECES is proud of its role in the PD-DEUP project, as we have been proactively cooperating since the preparation of the conceptual design of the project and the partnership, as well as the preparation of the project proposal for the public tender. After the approved financing of the project, we took over the coordination and offered support to the project partners in the implementation of development activities, monitoring the progress of the project and achieving the set goals.

The CC-SURE Competence Center, Advanced Systems of Efficient Use of Energy, represented a substantive turning point in the collaboration of partners under the auspices of TECES. For the first time in history, the areas of smart grids and consumers (prosumers) began to interlace. The CC-SURE comprehensively addressed the challenges of active smart grids and energy-efficient products/solutions of partners. It involved actors from the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity to its management and use by end-users.

The key results of CC-SURE's operation were 25 new high-tech market-oriented products and solutions for the global market, 15 patents (9 Slovenian and 6 international), 23 innovations and 1 new business model.

KC-SURE in the total value of 10 million was implemented from 2010 to 2014 with the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

TECES justified its role as the competence centre initiator, holder and coordinator of strategic development partnerships and projects in the successful CC-SURE implementation.

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