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Why is TECES involved in international defence activities?

Since its establishment in 2001, TECES has focused on green technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Following the concept of innovation clusters, we develop our services to support our founders, members and partners.

In recent years, we have connected and supported our partners within various projects and partnerships under the TECES auspices, e.g. in SRIP Smart Buildings and Home, developing innovative solutions that address green transition and solve energy and environmental challenges. Our experts and companies have competencies and are capable of offering innovative and breakthrough green solutions to the Slovenian and global markets

These green and energy-efficient solutions for civil use can also be used, with minor modifications, for defence purposes, as they solve similar problems. Dual-use solutions can be used for civil purposes, protection and rescue from natural and other disasters, and also for defence purposes.

With the highly increased international support for the green transition and solving environmental challenges in the civil and defence fields, TECES, together with the Ministry of Defence (Si MoD), perceived this potential. In 2020, Si MoD and TECES established the Slovenian Energy and Environment Partnership in Defence (SiEnE).

We are actively involved and participate in national and international defence programs. We seek and create opportunities for our members and their inclusion in international defence programs, projects and value chains. Furthermore, we identify opportunities for cooperation in creating new guidelines for the greening defence.

TECES today

In the past, TECES mainly covered areas of developing electrical devices and machines. Today, it focuses on green technologies and energy-efficient solutions, especially for civil use. In the last few years, we have strengthened our operations and services following the guidelines and concept of innovation clusters. We support our founders, members and partners in the green transition processes, mainly in the civil sphere. By establishing the SiEnE partnership in 2020, we also support the defence sector.

Despite its small size, Slovenia has great potential for integrating innovative solutions that address green transition and energy-environmental challenges. Well-educated experts and companies with a strategic vision often provide innovative and breakthrough green solutions (technology, product or service). These green solutions for civil use can be extremely useful (with minor modifications) for defence purposes.

For example; very similar solutions (with modifications) could be used for both, a smart energy-efficient neighbourhood and a smart energy-efficient camp (example camp), or solutions for a smart and sustainable building (example Home24h) as solutions for a smart modular building inside a residential camp or a camp in case of natural and other disasters.

dvojna raba

The EU defence sector recognises the potential of civilian solutions

Similar to civil society, the defence sector is also facing the challenges of climate change and the consequences of using non-renewable energy sources. In this context, the defence sector is eager to find suitable solutions for energy-cost reduction by increasing energy- self-sufficiency and efficiency, emission reduction etc. Until recently, it has been believed that most of the advanced technologies or products, developed for defence purposes, were transferred to civilian purposes. But today, the defence sector is increasingly turning to green and energy-efficient solutions, developed and produced by companies for civilian use.

Supporting defence sector

To support the Slovenian defence sector (Si MoD,  Slovenian Armed Forces and Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief) in the green transition by addressing the energy-environmental challenges in the defence sector, TECES and Si MoD have established the SiEnE partnership in 2020. The partnership supports the defence sector in the "greening defence" process. TECES enables the inclusion of civilian interests and Slovenian stakeholders in Si MoD, EDA and NATO programs and ensures appropriate representation of experts.

Together with its members and experts, TECES/SiEnE offer the Slovenian defence sector support in the green transition, especially regarding the energy efficiency of buildings and camps (e.g. renovation and management of buildings, construction, components, etc.) and the reduction of the impact on the environment.

The nearly 2-year-long partnership SiEnE is becoming more and more internationally recognised. By actively participating in various international defence programs, projects and supply chains, networking with key actors and preparing international project proposals, we also co-design the greening defence by proposing solutions for civil and defence purposes (dual-use).

Additional information

For more information about your participation in the TECES activities, please contact us.

dr. Kim MEZGA .:. E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .:. T: +386 2 333 13 54

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