FUTURE 4.0, Where Startups Meet Corporations event a great success – in part due to the engagement and support of TECES members

The two-day international conference FUTURE 4.0, which took place on 19 and 20 November 2019 in Velenje, successfully closed yesterday. The event, whose primary focus was connecting companies – corporations and startups from Industry 4.0 – was organised by SAŠA INKUBATOR and supported by organisations including members of the TECES and SRIP PSiDL partnership. We are delighted to have been involved in the FUTURE 4.0 2019 event as a strategic partner, and that we were able to contribute to its successful execution and completion.

TECES also promoted SMART_watch project aims and ICT tools among visitors. Such events are crucial for S3 implementation in everyday business.


The first day of the conference was devoted to hearing about the perspectives and experience of a number of speakers who work in innovation, entrepreneurship, and mentoring, and the introduction of the Industry 4.0 concept.

On the second day, the conference focused on looking for B2B synergies between companies – corporations and startups – that are targeting the global market with their ideas and solutions, and are hoping for support from corporate investors.

The role of the TECES and SRIP PSiDL partnership in promoting entrepreneurship

Supporting entrepreneurship and connecting startups with established corporations and other companies are an important part of the work of TECES and SRIP Smart Building and Home including Wood Chain. These activities will become increasingly important with the growth of the trend towards better connected solutions and products, a multidisciplinary approach, and above all, companies rapidly responding to customer and user expectations. Startups, with their fresh approach, and as young and unburdened companies, can contribute a great deal to tackling the challenges of large corporations. A number of our members have already included the acceleration of startup related activities in their current strategies.

Given the exceptional interest from our members, and because TECES firmly believes that great accomplishments require the connecting of knowledge, experience, capital and, above all, people desiring to bring change and daring to act upon this, we were pleased to support this year’s FUTURE conference as the event’s strategic partner.

Based on the marvellous atmosphere, positive thinking, and ideas for new activities for supporting entrepreneurship already generated on the first conference day, we are confident that our members, SAŠA inkubator, KOLEKTOR, GORENJE, BSH Hišni aprati and others will be happy to support the next, what is now becoming traditional, 3rd international conference FUTURE 2020.

It is even more important that we also provide additional and continued support for entrepreneurship through Strategic Research and Innovation Partnerships and the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia. This will definitely be incorporated in the review of the SRIP Smart Building and Home including Wood Chain action plan, to be actioned in the next three months, as well as TECES’s associated activities.

  • »Na področju komponent smo igralci na globalnem merilu – z motorji, s komponentami za električne stroje in močnostnimi pretvorniki, se znamo umestiti v praktično čisto vse globalne vrednostne verige. Smo igralci pri velikih globalnih znamkah. Partnerji Preberite več
    mag. Matjaž Čemažar Predsednik uprave Domel Holding d.d. in predsednik Sveta zavoda TECES, član Upravnega odbora SRIP PSiDL
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